I am freelance software developer and (what a wonder!) develop software for profit (have to pay my bills) and fun (when I get time to do it). I am open to projects in europe (preferably Rhine-Main area ot remote with sane amount of travel). My technology stack includes everything java, android and more recently javascript (and also older and exotic stuff). Manche Beiträge werden auch auf deutsch geschrieben - а иногда и про русски.

21. May 2018

Writing IntelliJ Idea plugin . Part 1

IntelliJ Idea is not a free IDE - but since 15 years (or longer) the are able to sell against free IDEs like eclipse.
Because it is just better and easy to expand. And sometimes there is a need for support of some awkward programming language - and you have to bite a bullet and roll your own plugin.


10. May 2018

Mocking hipsters

Cool webapps nowadays are made with lot of javascript and boilerplate code. It is almost as bad as EIB. JHipster helps you to get your prototype up and running in minutes (and it takes a lot more time to look arround at all the cool stuff that you do not have to write yourself by hand). But you still have to code your business logic - and of course test it. How does it play together with mocking?


18. April 2018

Hausbau - es wird Projektiert

Mühsam ernährt sich der Eichhornchen - aber Langsam wird der Hausprojekt fertig. Nun muss Baugenehmigung beantragt werden.


08. March 2018

Meine Pendelstrecke

Alle reden über schweres Pendlerleben. Meine Pendelstreccke ist länger wie dein Fax!


04. March 2018


Eliminate android boilerplate code and save your time with lightweight dependency injection